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Janice Woo Picture

Janice Woo

"Keeping up with all the moving parts involved in bringing a building to life is one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of working in architecture."

Janice joined MJMA in 2018 following the completion of her Master's in Architecture at the University of Waterloo, where she also completed her Bachelor of Architectural Studies. Janice is currently an Intern Architect with the OAA, in the process of pursuing licensure. She is deeply interested in community-building and socially responsible design, both in her professional and academic work. Her Master's thesis, titled "Living, Together: Tools for Building an Intergenerational Community", investigated ways in which urban architecture segregates people by age and proposed a new model of housing that catalyzes intergenerational exchange, and was nominated for the Canadian Architect Student Award. Prior to joining MJMA, Janice worked on commercial, high- and low-rise residential projects at offices in Hong Kong, New York, LA, and Toronto. Janice is currently working on the University of Auckland Recreation and Wellness Centre, a 22,000 square metre complex housing a 1,500-seat event sports hall, an aquatic hall, a rooftop field, and a variety of social and wellness spaces.