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Dan Kronby Picture

Dan Kronby

"I aim to make places that support the casual unfolding of daily life, where people feel comfortable to relax, unwind and socialize with those around them—ultimately strengthening the resolve of communities and their complex social networks."

Dan joined MJMA’s architectural design team in 2004 after obtaining his Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario and both his Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture from Dalhousie University. With a distinct East Coast perspective, Dan advocates for placemaking and for the connection of a building to its site and broader community context. He is a thoughtful architect who brings methodical project management skills and a deep understanding of architecture within the sport and recreation typology. Prior to joining MJMA, Dan spent years in professional practice at a range of international firms, including Plant Architects in Toronto, Okamoto Saijo Architecture in Oakland, California, and Hancock Bruckner Eng & Wright Architects in Vancouver. Dan has been a key design team member for MJMA’s development of the multi-use recreation typology, combining overlapping programs and unique user configurations to establish truly dynamic community hubs. Outside the office, Dan has volunteered his time to a local soup kitchen, to Habitat for Humanity, and to two home-building missions in Kenya and Ecuador.