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Project Details
Red Deer Multi-Use Aquatic Centre Conceptual Model
Red Deer , Alberta

Client : City of Red Deer
Area : Renovation: 43,000 sf Expansion: 149,500 sf
Program : Aquatic Centre (54m FINA Competition Pool, 25m Diving Well, Leisure Pool, Spectator Seating, Therapy Pool, Competition Double FlowRider, Swim Club Offices, Dry-Land Training, Changerooms), Wellness Centre, Child Minding, Multi-Purpose Community Rooms, Administrative and Support Spaces, Outdoor Program (25m Lap Pool, Leisure Pool, Splash Pad)
Associated Architects : MTa
This project started with a study centred on the review and condition assessment of Red Deer’s existing fleet of aquatic facilities and comparative analysis of potential sites for aquatic revitalization or new build for the City’s proposed 50metre Province-wide competition aquatics venue. The site analysis report provides qualitative analysis such as programming synergies and benefits to the community. It also models all associated quantitative costs such as capital costs, on-site and off-site servicing costs, and a detailed operation cost analysis for both a downtown site and a green field site. A conceptual model was then developed and master planned the Rotary Recreation Park site, the central cultural and social public space of Red Deer. The park plan ties together the Museum, Art Gallery, and Heritage Square into a new civic ‘green’ quadrant that is at the focus of an extended urban pedestrian path system. The new building design adaptively-reuses and renovates the existing Rotary Facility, adding to it a new Regional Aquatic Centre, consisting of a 54metre FINA competition pool, a 25metre diving tank with 3, 5, 7.5, and 10metre diving platforms, spectator seating for 1000, leisure pools, therapy pool, competition double FlowRider, swim club offices and dry land training area, wellness centre, multipurpose community rooms, child minding, and a 25metre outdoor lap and leisure pool, and splash pad and spray-park.

The new facility is designed to contain a wide range of core aquatic uses, including competitive swimming and diving, instructional classes, fitness and therapy, as well as indoor and outdoor leisure. Other activities range from kayak instruction, scuba diving and para-swim to aquafit classes. Pools and spectator seating, along with support areas for athletes and spectators, is dimensioned to accommodate large regional swim meets. The 54metre pool has a moveable floor and bulkheads, allowing its depth and length to be adjusted to fit a number of simultaneous pool activities, like water polo and synchronized swimming or beach entry leisure and hydrotherapy, ensuring maximum use and program flexibility. The FlowRider also demonstrates the width of the targeted demographic; not only trained athletes, children and seniors, but also programming for teens. The program also contains considerable wellness and community centre components.