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Project Details
Brampton Soccer Centre
Brampton, Ontario

Client : City of Brampton
Area : 152,000 sf
Program : Four Indoor Soccer Fields (Spectator Bleacher Seating, Changerooms), Multi-Purpose Community Rooms, Pre-School Room, Youth Room, Café, Pro-Shop, Administrative and Support Spaces, Outdoor Program (Cricket Pitches, Basketball Courts, Splash Pad, Playground)
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At over 150,000 square feet, the Brampton Soccer Centre of Excellence is a recreational hub large enough to function both as a flagship structure for city- and province-wide soccer programs and as a community centre for the immediately neighbouring area. Located at the junction of two major roads within a quintessentially suburban milieu, the Centre engages the street and surrounding terrain with the kind of meaningful spatial relationships more commonly found in urban areas.
In addition to four outdoor soccer fields, the Centre comprises four indoor pitches split between two square masses offset from one another by several feet, and separated by a viewing corridor illuminated by skylights. Shifting these pairs of fields relative to one another helps to break up the Centre’s scale, while also defining zones for the Centre’s arrival courtyard and civic space at opposing corners of the site. Topped with metal-clad, slab-like roofs lined with warm cedar slats on their interior-facing undersides, the arrival courtyard and civic space are fully glazed, serving views of the lobby interior to passing vehicles, and views of the centre’s playground and splash park to visitors inside the building. Together, the courtyard and civic space effectively establish the framework for a local community centre within the structure of the larger sports facility.
The four indoor soccer fields are convertible to ice hockey rinks, basketball or volleyball courts, or other general-purpose uses, including trade shows, summer camps, or yoga classes, and can be programmed to run four different programs simultaneously. These fields are arranged in slightly offset pairs within the larger offset masses, and flanked with oversized clerestory windows—part of a larger sustainability program that emphasizes natural daylighting, solar shading and passive ventilation systems, and allows the building to operate predominantly without electrical lighting throughout the day. The Centre is also the first structure to fully integrate the City of Brampton’s accessibility standards, with material palette, lighting and tiles carefully selected to contribute to powerful wayfinding moments.