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Timothy Belanger Picture

Timothy Belanger
Timothy leads MJMA’s Marketing and Visual Communications teams, positioning the firm for success through each pursuit and project mandate. His innate strategic thinking informs much of the firm’s marketing practice, orchestrating highly crafted approaches to client and project-based opportunities. Tim has been instrumental in articulating MJMA’s brand, elevating the firm’s profile through tailored branding strategies and active community outreach. In addition to supporting the firm’s local, national, and international presence, Tim has successfully ushered in new project typologies, leveraging MJMA’s community-based ethos to deliver projects on campus in support of health and wellness initiatives and academic success. Tim’s role leading MJMA’s Environmental Graphics, Signage, and Wayfinding has served to enhance the firm’s place-making approach, leveraging elements of visual interest to compliment and strengthen the architectural expression. He is fluent across accessibility standards and guidelines for signage and wayfinding and promotes design for inclusivity. Working closely with MJMA Directors, Tim leverages the synergy between graphics, architecture, and interior design disciplines of the firm.
Tim graduated in Graphic Design in 2003, joined MJMA in 2012, and became a partner in 2018.