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Project Details
Malton Community Centre Expansion
Mississauga, Ontario

Client : City of Mississauga
Area : 14,200 sf
Program : Aquatic Centre (4-Lane 25m Lap Pool, Leisure Pool, Changerooms), Multi-Purpose Community Rooms, Administrative and Support Spaces, Outdoor Program (Splash Pad)
Completion : August 2011
The City of Mississauga was faced with an increased demand for additional pool program space. The pool addition and change facilities expands the existing Malton Community Centre, and was delivered on a fast-track schedule to meet the Federal Infrastructure Stimulus funding deadline.
The addition aligns an extended lobby space to the existing internal public ‘street’ and becomes a dynamic backdrop and access to the existing parkland and splash pad to the south. This entrance is under the protection of a new large canopy, providing a renewed strong sense of place and welcome. A large amount of strategically placed glazing communicates the interior functions of the new 25m lap and leisure pools to the exterior and allows much more natural light into the building. The transparency projects interior activities to the community. This has been especially fitting for Malton, an inner-suburb community that suffers from a high rate of vandalism and social frictions.
The community centre benefits from being located along the pastoral lands of the Malton Greenway. Unfortunately, the property was built to its limits and the new development required parking to be placed into the green zone. This unfavourable proposition was turned into a positive design feature by reshaping the parkland into a naturalized meadow; thereby maintaining flood capacity and enhancing the biological diversity of the park. Stormwater runoff from the new parking is captured in a bioswale, cleansed, and returned to the water table through an infiltration trench. Despite an increase in building footprint and addition of approximately 90 parking spaces, there is no net increase to the post development flows on this site. The added benefit is better access to the parkland with existing pedestrian routes maintained and enhanced.