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Project Details
Brampton Soccer Centre
Brampton, Ontario

Client : City of Brampton
Area : 152,000 sf
Program : 4 Indoor Fields with 350 Bleacher Seats in Each, Changerooms, Multipurpose Community Rooms, Dance Room, Pre-School Room, Youth Room, Pro-Shop, Cafe, Outdoor Fields, Cricket Pitches, Basketball Courts, Splash Pad, Playground
Completion : June 2007
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The Brampton Soccer Centre is designed to serve both the needs of the immediate community and as a city-wide ‘Soccer Centre of Excellence’. Amenities and pedestrian links are provided for neighborhood and recreation activities – while conversely, the location at the corner of two major arterial roads, and with four outdoor and four indoor fields, the site operates as region-wide high performance soccer destination.
The four indoor soccer fields are paired into two masses and shifted to create a zone of skylit circulation connecting two outdoor spaces, the ‘arrival court’ and the civic ‘activity corner’. The arrival court defines the drop-off and interior working of the site, and the civic corner marks the important community intersection with vibrant public amenities of playgrounds, sports courts, and splash park. The main lobby and community wing, defined by floating wooden planes, flank these exterior spaces and filter people in.
The new facility creates a destination and city landmark endorsing sport, community, and the City’s branding. Full facade glazing and laminated glass graphics create ‘suburban billboards’ for sport, with translucent soccer imagery bathed in Brampton’s branded blue. Glazed bays to the streets allow views into the fields and animate the streetscape. Strips of saturated coloured glass is used dynamically throughout the building curtain wall to create motion and activity, and offset the austere silver and white pallete.
The soccer arenas are designed for flexibility and adaptability for other activities. They are convertible to ice-hockey, basketball, and volleyball gymnasia, among other indoor sports, and they are sized and scaled to operate with 4 independent programs running concurrently – including trade show events with a host of on-going community functions, such as International Day of Yoga, Navratri Garba Events, and Kid's Summer Camps.