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Project Details
Atlas Tube Centre & WFCU Pools
Lakeshore, Ontario

Client : Town of Lakeshore
Area : Phase 1: 174,000 sf Phase 2: 25,000 sf
Program : Three-Pad Arena, Indoor Track, Aquatic Centre, Branch Library, Gymnasium, Community Rooms, Outdoor Fields and Courts
Completion : August 2016
The Town of Lakeshore, Ontario, is located on the south shore of Lake St. Clair, 35 kilometres west of Windsor and Detroit. With an economy historically based on agriculture, the Town is rapidly growing as a residential area of Windsor. The new Atlas Tube Centre is designed to be the collective recreation and social hub of the expanded town. The facility name recognizes the primary private donor, Atlas Tube, a local steel fabricator who made both a financial donation and contribution in the supply of structural steel.
Unconfirmed federal and provincial grants or final project budget and building areas required configuration allowing for the construction of either two to four arenas at once, or as phased additions. The plan organizes rational public circulation around a central public open space – with two parallel accordion-like bars that can expand and contract without affecting the clear public circulatory system or operation of ongoing programs. A ‘cold program’ bar organizes a linear and expandable progression of long span arenas with a viewing lobby along the public edge, and a continuous bar of mechanical and service space connecting the opposite ends of the arenas. The long span arena roofs are formed in a sawtooth profile to allow for generous, natural glare-free light from north facing clerestory windows, and angled to the south to support 60,000 sf of photo-voltaic arrays. A parallel bar aligns the ‘warm’ components of shorter span multipurpose community rooms, gymnasium, and library, expandable with a 50% increase in space, and the addition of a modular aquatic centre component. Continuous public corridors line the central park space that separates the bars. A central entrance lobby with public meeting rooms forms the connecting tissue between the two plan bars, and allows for a large social space that can be used by any of the community organizations.
Since opening, usership is rapidly growing. The former facility saw 1,200 registrations per year. The new Atlas Tube Centre received 1,600 new registrations in its first quarter alone, and anticipates 10,000 registrations per year with the recent completion of the phase 2 Aquatic Centre.